Monday, April 5, 2010

Islamic Extremism

(you can fast forward to 2:30 if you're impatient)

Islam's war on freedom continues, I guess they're tired of dominating the females and free-thinkers already in their clutches and feel they need more subjects to abuse. While some of Europe has allowed this cancerous faith to take root in their territories and begin to corrupt their societies, I'm glad that America hasn't. Islam will find that America does not capitulate to the kind of violence and bigotry other countries have; we value the freedom of expression and religion, as well as equal civil rights for all of our citizens.

Should Islam continue to attack us, or our values, they will not find a silent victim. If they wish to use the gun to spread their ideas, they will find us to be the wall in their path. We learned from great enlightenment thinkers like John Locke that freedom and liberty should not be subject to religious approval, and we embraced this as a core belief in the American experiment. I'm proud to live in a country that will hold the line against religious domination and theocracy, and put the freedom of the masses above the prejudices of a few.

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shreddakj said...

Anjem Choudary says some hideous things.

Parabola said...

I can't say I'm a fan either.

PhillyChief said...

Let's face it, the real reason Islam can't take root here and have the effect it has in Europe is due to the fact that we have our own brand of theocracy seeking yahoos. It's great to think we hold this shit off due to higher thinking and the influence of the Enlightenment, and for a select few of us that is true, but really it's because another brand of crazy already got here first and its roots are firmly coiled around everything.

Parabola said...

I share your spirit, and I share about 80% of that view. I would have to say that we may be underestimating those hard won secular values, it may not seem like it all the time, but I think the First Amendment and the Lemon Test have done a good bit to hold the ranks against our native brand of religion.

RedKnight said...

In response to what Philly Chief posted, I know what you mean from personal experience. The pastor of the Bible Methodist church my family attends doesn't seem to even be aware of what the enlightenment was about. And my one maternal first cousin, who is Orthodox Presbyterian, is a Christian Reconstructionist, who seeks to eventually subject us all to what he terms a "theonomy". If you were to read up on Christian Reconstructionism, and Dominion Theology, you'll be shocked, and horrified by what they espouse, especially what R.J. Rushdoony taught. So could it happen here? While I remain hopefully optimistic as to the prospects for continual liberty, I feel that we must keep eternally vigilant against the forces of right-wing/ religious reaction.

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