Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coolest game evar?

Here is a fun little exercise, called Battlefield God. The idea is that you get asked questions, and you respond with what you really truly believe, and as it asks you more questions, it tracks to see if you are being consistent in your convictions. If you contradict yourself it takes action and offers you choices to reconcile your issue.

There is a short section to be read if you want to understand the purpose of the game; if you are a theist and are tossing out answers that you know will not trip a logical foul, you're doing it wrong.

I got through with having to bite one bullet (which was a questionable call IMHO) and took no direct hits. Fun stuff!

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shreddakj said...

I took 1 direct hit and bit one bullet.

I said that god should be able to do everything, but then later said he couldn't create a square circle. I think that's a debatable hit!

I probably bit the same bullet that you did, about saying that belief in god without certain proof is wrong.

Parabola said...

Yeah, that is debatable. I had to bit one about Evolution. :\

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