Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go Stewart go!

Kudos to The Daily Show for showing some equality in dishing out criticism. After Keith Olbermann made some weak and uncalled for comments about the new Senator from Massachusetts, Stewart calls him out for stooping too low.

Here is a video of the exchange:

Stewart deserves two cheers in this instance; he not only called out a clearly over-the-top Olbermann, but he managed to find the time to do this when the conservative media monster is spewing out garbage at a staggering pace. Perhaps you've heard the latest from Glenn Beck and Fox Noise:

I really wish hucksters like these would just shut their faces, or better yet, we all just start calling a spade a spade, and stop tuning into these clowns. They wouldn't last a week if we all just starting ignoring them, as we should, based on their dishonesty.

People like Olbermann and Beck (you know the rest of the list) are nothing more than "news commentators", they are not even legit news dudes. They have ZERO responsibility to be honest or even semi-factual. Hell, even the real news people have no obligation to report news accurately, and all these clowns do is "comment" on the "news" they hear! Yet, they are the voices that deliver "information" into the heads of voters, most of which may even believe that that their favorite commentator is being something akin to realistic or objective.

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