Sunday, January 24, 2010

We live in the twilight zone.

President Obama received some very unlikely support against the claims from far-right extremists like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh that he was trying to politicize the Haiti earthquakes in his favor. You know your smears are bad when someone like Bush won't get behind them.

It is surprising that in a literate culture like ours, extremists like Limbaugh and Beck even exist. How their followers have not noticed their insane comments, and written them off as a result, is beyond me.

It is like we are living in the twilight zone. A pundit like Beck hopes and prays for a financial depression, economic armageddon, so we can "reset" the system; then in the next shows tells his listeners that he, and they, are "the center" or "the norm". What?! You are praying for a financial fucking meltdown so you can remake the system in a way that you prefer? How is that principle any different than a far-left Marxists calling for the same? Or a military dictator hoping to have the same opportunity to rebuild a society in their vision?

It isn't. It is exactly the same thing.

Yet Beck and others insist they are normal, everyday people. Not insane political radicals that want to completely overhaul our current government into something they like better. They repeat this to their followers like a mantra, hoping like hell none of them break free and say the obvious:

"If your views are normal, why the fuck do they not resemble ANYTHING like the norm we observe now?"

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