Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday double!

Since Sunday is the day of rest, I would like to stir the pot by doing double posts on God's holy day. Yes, I know Sunday is only one of three holy days on which God told us to rest, but doing doubles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is just too much; even if the parties of God claim all three. Don't blame me for their confusion.

Let's talk about the christian sense of acceptance and tolerance. We all hear that the faithful are open-minded, welcoming, forgiving, etc. Then we see this:

Atheists rent a billboard, and display a non-aggressive, insult free, and harmless message; and within just two days the owner of the land on which the billboard sits receives threats that were substantial enough to warrant the message be removed. Yeah, the threats are not leveled at the Atheists that rented the sign, or the owner of the sign -- but the poor guy that owns the property.

Are the faithful so insecure that they can't tolerate the idea of someone else being able to live their life without their space daddy? Is their sense of reality so warped they can't fathom the idea that other people may not share their wish thinking? Are they so scared by the presentation of such a reality that they would call for a Stalin-like censorship of someone else's right to free expression? Yes, yes, and yes.

Look, this is America, the first and only secular democracy this world has ever known. One of too few countries that recognize their citizen's right to freedom of expression outside of international law. In this country, you can't be dragooned into silence simply because the state, or a small group within the country, decides they don't want you to be heard. Despite taking advantage of the freedoms granted by our First Amendment, the faithful are very quick to whine, kick, scream, and threaten, in an attempt to deny others those very same rights. This is shameful, childish, and just plain anti-liberty.

If a theist wants to rent a billboard that says "All atheists will burn in HELL!" I don't care. If some other crackpot wants to rent another sign saying "Join our religion of love and peace or suffer eternal damnation!" that is fine too. Just be ready to accept the same amount of hate you dished out. If you can't, then shut the fuck up.

In this case, the parties of god did not receive hate, or even ill will. They saw a sign that simply read: "Don't Believe In God? You are not alone." and just lost their minds, they went ape-shit on an innocent party to boot. They don't care what the message is, or who is responsible, if it isn't their message they want it taken out -- and fast.

Can you imagine what would happen if we showed this kind of censorship to these cultists? They would start crying like girls with skinned knees and demanding their right to free expression -- the same right to expression they are so quick to take away from others. Well fuck them and their fantasy land; if you don't like the freedom of speech, then try living without it for awhile and see how you like it. The freedoms put forward in our founding documents apply to not just you fucktards; they are for everyone, even the ones you hate.

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