Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

After listening to our President's State of the Union address I have a few quick thoughts:

1. It rocks to have a President that can complete whole sentences and understands public speaking.

2. I couldn't agree more about how some of our elected officials, and most of our pundits, are shaming our politics with their juvenile smears and useless bickering. Keith Olbermann and others -- he was talking to you.

3. He points out the obstructionist methods some of our delegates have used, and are using, to slow or halt necessary legislation. More importantly, he pointed out how these actions lead the nation to lose faith in our politician's ability to solve issues. He nailed that one right on the nose.

4. Is it just me, or do the republicans seem to have very few delegates that are not strictly white and male?

5. All sides should pay more attention to the Congressional Budget Office when looking for numbers or data pertaining to an issue; leave the number fabrication to fringe figures and others who have zero responsibility to be honest. *cough Jason Lewis cough*

6. You have to be thankful to live in a country like ours. There is no military dictator presiding over these functions, there is more than one party in power to ensure that no side is too heavily favored, and open debate is allowed, in both private and public, about what the President says. I fucking love America.

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