Thursday, January 21, 2010

More propaganda on health care

After reading Brock Lesnar's struggle I am left with two main thoughts: first I wish him a fast recovery, and second I would like him to be a lot more honest when he talks about politics. Read his story here:

Here is the shorter version:

Brock eats like an idiot and gets sick, after a few weeks of illness(!) he finally gets checked out, American doctors don't fix the issue, so he heads to Canada for some hunting. While there his condition gets even worse and he goes to a hospital in "the boondocks", when the hospital couldn't fix his self-inflicted damages, he runs back to the US and after more fumbling around gets the help he needs.

This story is beyond stupid and here is why:

1. If you have that kind of diet, you are inviting problems. Eat your vegetables dumbass.

2. You wait weeks before going to the hospital, showing the same kind of bad decision making skills that got you into this trouble in the first place, (refusing a CT scan?) but somehow expect us to trust your insight into the health care quality provided by trained professionals in Canada? I wouldn't trust you to make a cup of coffee correctly, let alone critique highly trained doctors and nurses. (in ANY country)

3. His problem doesn't get sorted out by the American or Canadian doctors, yet he maintains that Canada is behind the curve. Another logical failure! Oh, and he refuses to name the Canadian facility that gave him such terrible care. (read: same amount of success that the American doctors had) Thus preventing any investigation or questioning into the matter. (clearly shady, requiring us to rely solely on his clearly malfunctioning mind -- no thanks.)

4. Thankfully he does gets the help he needs, and finally comes to realize what the rest of us already know: a bad diet ruins your health, and refusing medical care can have serious consequences.

Brock really does insult us by trying to sell this snake oil, just how credulous does he think we are? He completely fails to maintain his own health, shows terrible reasoning, then points his finger at an unnamed group of trained professional in Canada while tacitly refusing to hold the American doctors to the same standards. Brock, peddle that nonsense somewhere else, no one here is buying your propaganda.

To top it all off, he says he is making the changes he should have made decades ago, and is also praying a lot about the situation.

Which one of those changes do you think will help his health?

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